شرح مجموعۀ گل - Gen.Abdullah KARGAR
قدر مجموعه گل مرغ سحر داند و بس - - -که نه هرکو ورقی خواند معانی دانست


Gen. Abdullah KARGAR

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            Gen. Abdullah Kargar son of Ahmad was born in a prominent family of Kargarkhana village, in Andkhoy city. He acquired Primary Education from Qorghan Primary School and Secondary Education from Military High School in Kabul and acquired his higher education from military university Kabul, Thereafter he completed his graduation in Moscow.

            He served in Qandahar Regiment as an officer of National Guard and also offered his services as Ministerial Consultant during transitional government of Afghanistan. In 1979. he was imprisoned in the prison of Qandahar and Pulcharkhy as a political prisoner. He lived in exile for 8 years. Mr. Kargar has spent the rest of his life in the service of his nation and has written many valuable books.  He is the father of seven children. He passed away in Kabul at the age of ( 58) on 23.July 2009. 


The books written and published by Mr. Kargar are respectively :


-Barsukoy Shahadat – The biography of commander M. Nader Kargar

-Sharh e Majmoa e Gul -  a bout the social and political situation at the time of Hafiz-e-Shirazi

-Shuhanshah e Sukhanwar – Zahiruddin M. Babur

-Ameer-e-Danishmand  - Ali Sheir Nawaye

-Azaada Mard Shaer   - Makhdom Quli Faraghi

-Andishmand-e-Pishtaaz  - Abu Raihan Biruni

-Shahr-e-Sallateen  -   Sultan Mahmood Ghaznavi

-Ahd-e-Timorian-Herat / Timorians’ Reign – Herat

-Taimorian     -   Timorians’ Reign – Heart  and Baburies of India

-Shakhsiat e Farhangi Zahiruddin M.Babur - Cultural personality of Babur

-Tarikh Durekhshesh Turkmanha. – The Luster History of Turkmen’s. 

-Seemai Zan Dar Ahd Timoriyan

-Tarikh wa Rejal Turkistan 



One New Title book and also the books “Seemai Zan Dar..." And" Timoriyan “ with additional parts are ready to be published. And to be mentioned that the books “ Shahr Majmoa e Gul , Shuhanshah e Sukhanwar, Timorian and Timorian” have republished with extra more informations.


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